Green Home Building – Lean & Green But What Does it All Mean?

Talk is cheap. Builders and manufacturers claim to be green but are they? And, do you know how to determine if they are? Understanding what goes into making a building product “green” is the first step to ensuring that you get what you’re asking for.

Question: What does Green Building mean?


I could be funny and say that nobody really knows. Actually, that would be pretty close to accurate! You see, there are various descriptions of green รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี building and a lot of controversy surrounding it.

Sustainability is an Overriding Factor

The word “sustainable” is kicked around a lot when we talk about green building. This word is helpful in understanding green. So, let’s talk about sustainability first. When the term is used in regards to building, it means that we’re looking at ways to build and develop that don’t harm the environment and that utilize resources that can be easily replenished.

When resources can be easily replenished it doesn’t diminish our ability to continue in the same fashion for years and years to come.

Other Green Building Goals

In addition to this, when you want to build green, you should get some additional information from your builders and home designers.

  • What energy efficient products (such as appliances & heating and air conditioning systems) do they use?
  • What energy saving building methods (such as wall systems and insulation) do they employ?
  • Are they specifying and using non-toxic, health-supporting products?
  • Do the product manufacturers use non-polluting processes to create them?
  • How is waste dealt with during product production and home construction?


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